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  Citizens State of the City 2003

  • Announcement and summary (below)
  • OpEd column printed in the Register-Guard, Monday, 2003.0120
  • Public presentation text

    Thanks! to more than 100 people who joined us for the...

    Citizens State of the City Presentation

    Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 12 Noon
    St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Parish Hall
    Southwest corner of 13th and Pearl in Eugene

    The second annual Citizens State of the City Presentation, a joint project of Citizens for Public Accountability (CPA) and Friends of Eugene (FoE), will review the status of Eugene and focus on how our community can move forward in healthy and productive directions.

    We will address social services and education with Kitty Piercy, land use and transportation with Jan Spencer, jobs and business with Lisa Arkin, public process, ethics, and the environment with David Monk. Bob O'Brien will facilitate.

    A slide presentation produced by Kevin Matthews will accompany the speakers and illustrate our points. On January 17, the presentation will also be available online at the web site:

    Preview of the Presentation:

    The Citizens State of the City will discuss opportunities for our community to better achieve our collective goals. Citizens want to be a part of creating a better Eugene in their own lives and neighborhoods, and also want to help hold the city accountable for its official efforts. Many good works help make Eugene such a special place, inspiring us to be creative and work together positively and effectively.

    Eugene has already established a popular and agreed upon vision for what it can be. This vision is well-articulated in city documents, including Transplan, Resolution 4618 on growth management, Resolution 4554 on sustainability, and the Shaping Eugene Study of 5 years ago. These documents explain important and positive city goals relating to land use, jobs and business, public process and the environment. Yet these ideals, goals and values are not always well-represented in the way Eugene is managed.

    The Mayor's State of the City address focused on more than any other topic on road construction, while glossing over critical topics such as compact urban development, the benefits of a diverse local economy based on locally accountable businesses, or the serious deficit in our natural resource planning, now a dozen years overdue. But there is more to the future of Eugene than building more roads - when we aren't even affording to maintain the ones we're already got!

    The Citizens State of the City Presentation will discuss some of the attributes of a healthy Eugene including ideas about budget priorities for better education and public services.

    Please join us. There will be opportunity after the presentation to discuss questions.

    Jan Spencer, CPA

    Kevin Matthews, FoE

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