Citizens State of the City 2005

Our fourth annual Citizens State of the City presentation in Eugene, Oregon was presented on January 10, 2005 to a standing-room-only crowd of more than 120 people in the Eugene Public Library community rooms, in these five coordinated (and illustrated) parts:

Eugene as a Sustainable Community - Lisa Arkin, Oregon Toxics Alliance

A few days before the end of 2004, I awoke to the patter of voices from a local radio station. I listened to a radio spot where the announcer urged listeners to rush out and buy new SUVs before December 31 so they could take advantage of the administration's tremendous tax credits and other economic incentives.   ...

Neighborhoods - Rob Handy, River Road Community Organzation

What makes a neighborhood a desirable, livable place to call home? What makes a neighborhood more than simply geographical boundaries on a map, but a living, breathing community of people with common values and interests?   ...

Labor - Gary Gillespie, Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network

The Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network is a coalition of labor, environmental, educational and faith-based groups in Lane County working to educate, activate, and agitate for social and economic justice. ESSN is also a national Jobs With Justice Chapter.   ...

Land-Use and Transportation - Kevin Matthews, Friends of Eugene

Wetlands highway... riverfront highway... upland habitat denial... riverfront commercialization... urban-renewal gerrymanders... UGB for sale.   Four years of a developer-directed City-Council majority have pushed Eugene, Oregon, to the brink of crisis.   ...

Human Rights - Hope Marston, Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Eugene residents deserve a lot of credit for their consistent stands against hate literature. Every time some white supremacist group starts handing out overtly racist pamphlets or flyers, people from Eugene are quick to decry the racism and to provide community education.   ...

Register Guard guest viewpoint by Dianne Lobes, Helios Resource Network:
Eugene can be model of sustainability

Eugene Weekly cover story:
Citizens State of the City Address

Register Guard news coverage:
Emboldened activists roll up their sleeves

Additional illustrations in presentation courtesy of Linda Swisher, and Jan Spencer, Citizens for Public Accountability.

Editing by Candace Nelson, Friends of Eugene

Event coordination and support by Cary Thompson and Dianne Lobes, Helios Resource Network and by Friends of Eugene.

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