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Transplan Summary - Friends of Eugene


TransPlan is a $1.1 billion government plan for changes in how the people of the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area will get from place to place–whether by car, bus, bicycle or foot–during the next 20 years and beyond. TransPlan will have a profound effect on our quality of life well into the 21st century, affecting how and where we live, work, shop and play.


The theme of TransPlan is stated as "improving our transportation choices."

The goal of TransPlan is stated as to "provide an integrated transportation and land use system that supports choices in modes of travel and development patterns that will reduce reliance on the auto and enhance livability, economic opportunity, and the quality of life … by providing a transportation system that is balanced, accessible, efficient, safe, interconnected, environmentally responsible, supportive of responsible and sustainable development, responsive to community needs and neighborhood impacts, and economically viable and financially stable."

Source: Draft TransPlan (February 1998), Chapter 2, Page 2.


TransPlan proposes spending $1,097 million over the next 20 years: $569 million on roads, $508 million on transit and transportation demand management, and $20 million on bicycles. This level of spending, which is limited by expected revenues from federal, state and local gas taxes and other sources, is neither enough to allow for the anticipated increase in population of almost 50% (100,000 people) over 20 years nor enough to maintain existing roadways and bikeways. The result will be more traffic congestion, air pollution and noise on deteriorating roads.

TransPlan projects that the percentage of congested miles traveled (miles in stop-and-go traffic) will increase from 2.8% in 1995 to 12.4% in 2020. Spending $508 million on transit is projected to increase bus ridership from 1.8% of all trips in 1995 to 2.3% of all trips in 2020.

TransPlan is constrained not only by limited revenues, but by leaders with limited vision who believe that the public is unwilling to consider alternatives to a plan that, although promising much, will actually deliver only traffic jams and potholes.

Source: Lane Council of Governments reports to Eugene Planning Commission, 12/7/98 and 1/26/99.


• The regional population will grow by almost 50% over 20 years.
• The number of automobiles is growing even faster than the population.
• The number of miles traveled by automobiles is growing still faster.
• Reliance on the automobile is increasing while the use of alternatives is decreasing.
• Existing land use patterns encourage automobile use.
• Transportation costs are rising while revenues are shrinking.

Source: Draft TransPlan (February 1998), Chapter 1, Page 4.

Legal Status

To meet federal, state and regional requirements, Eugene-Springfield must develop a 20-year regional transportation plan. Once adopted by Eugene, Springfield and Lane County, TransPlan becomes part of the Metro Plan, the general plan for the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area. The three jurisdictions are then bound to act in accordance with the plan.

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